Speech & Language Therapy

Therapy: What to expect


An assessment is required before therapy can be offered. If assessment highlights a need, I will create an engaging, meaningful and effective therapy programme which is matched to your child’s strengths, needs and interests.


All therapy works towards clearly identified, time-referenced outcomes and is informed by best practice. I will maintain close links with home and school to promote excellent communication and joint working around your child. I will review your child’s progress and needs continuously and involve key adults and, whenever possible, your child in making decisions, evaluating progress and setting new targets.


My approach is always person centred which means the nature and extent of my involvement with each child and family varies. When targets have been achieved and my involvement ends, you will have a complete written record of your child’s progress during therapy and are welcome to contact me again at any point in the future.

Our daughter's speech is transformed and we are delighted with her progress to date.
Photo of a pupil enjoying a speaking excerise to impove comminication skills
Speaking Confidently
A photo of communication in action as part of a speech therapy session, Sarah Murray with pupil
Making Communication Fun