Dyslexia Services - Combined Assessments

I am dually qualified as a speech and language therapist and specialist teacher and assessor. This means I can offer combined assessments if your child experiences difficulties with both spoken and written language.

Combined assessments are highly personalised and, for children age 7+, include key elements from the detailed speech and language therapy assessment and full diagnostic assessment. For younger children age 4+, a combined assessment will include pre-literacy and early literacy skills and provide essential recommendations for intervention if there is an increased likelihood of a specific learning difficulty, such as dyslexia.

When a combined assessment highlights the co-occurrence of a developmental language disorder and dyslexia, I offer intervention or study skills programmes which integrate speech and language therapy with specialist teaching.

Everything now makes sense and it is really helpful to know her strengths and weaknesses in such detail.
A Photo of two young boys learning to communicate through play
Speaking and Listening
A photo of two boys at schools working together to complete a written test
Reading and Writing